Bob Rutman

* 15 May 1931 – † 1 June 2021

Tribute to Bob

101 days after the death of the legendary artist, friends and colleagues want to celebrate and remember him.

10.09.2021 at Dagmar Hillig’s Pratergaststätte (Prater Garden), Kastanienallee 7-9, from 5pm.

Robert „Bob“ Rutman, born in Berlin in 1931 and returned from American exile in 1989/90, was not only an unusual painter, sculptor and composer.
The inventor of the „steelcello“ and the „bow chimes“ played his instruments himself with great creativity and passion and was and is a shining example for generations of musicians.

Program on 10.09.2021

5pm Bob Rutman – concert and interview excerpts
5.30pm Art Auction
After Rutman’s bequests to friends, museums and galleries of the city of Berlin have been fulfilled, the rest of his painterly and sculptural work including a bow chimes as well as some memorabilia will go under the hammer of Peter Wawerzinek.
8pm Concert
The Aprèsgarde Dub Orchestra with Rex Joswig (etoys), Alex „DocDorsch“ (steel cello), Bernd Jestram (bass) and Munsha (cello) will perform a „Requiem for BOB„.

Depending on the mood, the evening ends with a session, a carousal, or both.


The quality of his work and his inexhaustible curiosity led to numerous collaborations, e.g. with Meret Becker, Dorothy Carter, Jacalyn Carley, Frank Castorf, Merce Cunningham, Einstürzende Neubauten, Sergej Horovitz, Zam Johnson, Peter Sellers, Sascha Waltz, Wim Wenders and Robert Wilson, to name but a few.